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If you are experiencing difficulties in listening to .AVI files, you need to download the 'Sound Fix' patch from the link shown below and follow the steps provided below to install it.

How to download and install the fix:
1. Before installing the patch,back up your current LNL.DLL by copying this file to a different directory.
The default location for the ToolBook system files is :

c:\mtb40:for ToolBook 4.

2. Download the file soundfix.exe(~98K) to a temporary directory on your computer.

ToolBook 4

3. Double-click soundfix.exe and enter the directory where your ToolBook system is located.(see locations in step 1).

4. You will be prompted with a dialog box requesting if you want to overwrite the older version of the file. Click YES.

Now the patch is installed and you should be able to listen to AVI soundtracks in ToolBook on Windows 98(and greater).

NOTE: There have been unconfirmed reports that this fix has adverse effects for media clip playback on Windows 3.x. So if you are deploying for Windows 3.x, you may want to perform additional testing before making this change.

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